I, Mohamed Nassar, am a hard-working individual who built a company that helped countless organizations, entrepreneurs, and Small-Medium enterprises in the field of Management, Human Resources, training, and Strategic Consulting. Starting as a small business, E2E and I have now achieved a reputation for being a fully-fledged organization. My business, along with me, has overcome countless hardships and obstacles and gained many accolades and awards as a result of my dreams and thoughts converting into a brilliant business idea and starting from being a strategic business vision-oriented coach who helped numerous corporates, entrepreneurs and SMEs with their internal and management struggles.

  • Business Strategic Coach,
  • Executive Coach from International Coaching Federation,
  • Head of Excite Training & Consulting – A highly admired trainer who transformed the lives of 3+lakhs Business owners, Corporates, SMEs and Entrepreneurs.
  • Co-founder and Director of E2E Excite, providing services like Brand Activation, Event Marketing, Virtual Events, Customized Expo Stall Designing & Execution for trade fairs. Having offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Qatar, we offer quick turnaround time and solve all your last-minute situations with exceptional excellence. E2E is the key to handling and managing crises, working smart and hard. With 25 years of experience, we have successfully satisfied clients with our value-added services.
  • Director of The Talk – Big ideas to scale SME & Start-ups,
  • Executive Director of BNI Coimbatore (Business Network International, USA), leading & helping a team of 1100+ Business Entrepreneurs, generating Rs.3100 crores in revenue since 2012 in Coimbatore.