Business / Executive Coach (ICF)

As a Business / Executive Coach credentialed as PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from ICF (International Coaching Federation), I help business owners and executives discover their true hidden potentials and bring out extraordinary results by coaching them. My clients have ranged from small entrepreneurial organizations to international corporations

We have trained and aided 200+ leaders from all over India with our prime coaching proposals. We help you realize and repair the real problems in your business. We sharpen and improve your basic leadership skills like decision making, time management, problem solving, communication, integrity and responsibility.



We schedule a coaching proposal that involves one-to-one with the leaders, over a span of one year for better results. Each session is of 90 minutes duration, which is set accordingly between 21st to 30th days of every month. At the end of every three months, we conduct a review meeting that requires a mandatory attendance of Sponsors, Coachee and the Coach.

We use a wide range of tools that will help you increase your skills and realize your potential. Each tool is used in relation to the client’s needs, readiness, visualization, perceptual positioning etc. We also assign some additional tasks for the coachee between the sessions. Our team of experts use a holistic approach through which you will learn and develop a useful new skill, character or behavior. Our professionals use the most practical and applicable methods in the job that will help you understand and equip you to face real-life situations.


We work by the mantra ROI of Enchantment, which means we measure all your performances to make outstanding progress that includes both tangible and intangible outcomes. And to accomplish that, we collect a 360o degree feedback before and at the end of each engagement from 6 different colleagues at the least (including boss, peers and subordinates).

We help you identify both your organizational and personal goals with our unique coaching techniques, and assign you a reflective journaling task after each session as an additional task. Our coaching specifics are highly confidential and flexible with special conditions, where the coachee and the sponsor organization can decide the methodology of reporting. In simple words, we create an opportunity to strengthen your business along with your skills.


  • Solid results – greater productivity, faster promotions
  • Deeper learning – about yourself, how you are perceived, where you can improve
  • Faster action – advancing things faster with greater precision
  • Space to hear your voice – to talk something through and gain perspective
  • Awareness of perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding you back
  • Support and confidence to “lean in” and make bold moves
  • Clarity on your values and what you stand for, which leads to greater conviction
  • Ideas for ways to improve that you may not see – awareness of blind spots
  • Emotional support, empathy, and encouragement – feel less lonely
  • The cold truth others won’t tell you
  • Third-party moderation for 360 – reviews, strategic planning, and conflict resolution
  • Support for improving specific skills – communication, delegation, conflict management, team building, persuasion, etc.